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New! Joli Jolie & Caméléon Noir Multi-Ethnic Hair

Joli Jolie™   Virgin Natural Eurasian Ponytail Cuticle Hair -  uncolored and available in its' natural form for soft, finer hair similar to European hair.  The best available Eurasian hair from ponytails. Natural, virgin, and completely uncolored. Softer and finer than Asian or Indian Remy hair.  Natural shine and movement

Noir Collection Premium Temple Indian Hair -  Caméléon Noir™ is the perfect multi-ethnic collection.  Premium High Quality Virgin Indian Cuticle Ponytail Temple Hair (uncolored).  Comes in Silky Straight or Silky Pressed.

*Cameleon Noir™ Silky Straight
Virgin Natural Indian Ponytail hair, the Silky Straight Line is completely untouched for hair that is soft to the touch.
*Cameleon Noir™ Silky Pressed 
Virgin Natural Indian Ponytail hair, the Silky Pressed Line comes with a gentle perm.
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