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Joli Dancer European by Joli Cameleon Wigs
Joli Dancer European by Joli Cameleon Wigs

Joli Dancer European by Joli Cameleon Wigs

Joli Dancer European by Joli Cameleon Wigs
13"/18"  Color Shown:  8/10  3JC07
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Joli Dancer™ Europeanall hand tied, French top, lace front, industry-best-performing alopecia wig.

The Best Performing Alopecia Wig in The World.
Ideal for...  Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Medical hair loss (total), Severe Alopecia Areata, Burn victims.

The Joli Dancer™ is most amazing hair creation for women with no hair at at all who enjoy a very active lifestyle, even professional athletes.  It does not feel like any other wig.  The hair is our beautiful European Standard™ hair, specially selected for its beauty and to withstand frequent shampooing.  It is extremely light, all hand tied and the specialy sourced US-made silicone grips more effectively than any wig we have tested it against.  The French top hides the knots and looks like hair growing from a natural scalp.  The updated, reinforced, contoured lace front allows for a natural hairline and fits snug to the forehead.  The design of the Joli Dancer allows for updos and ponytails.  It loves high-energy activity, such as dancing, martial arts and working out.  This unique design has been put to the test by professional dancers and "hot yoga" instructors who wear their Joli Dancer during performances and on camera.

At first, it will feel unfamiliar, like it's not there, but after wearing it for 30 minutes and, as the wearer become used to this new sensation, they are surprised by how comfortable, light and secure the Joli Dancer is.  This all hand-tied, French top, lace front hair creation is surprisingly affordable.

European Standard Hair
All Hand Tied
French Top, Hidden knots
Lace Front
Soft super-grip US Silicone

No tape or glue needed

*Please call 866-324-0908 before ordering to check availability. 

07"/12"  $2,370.00  
09"/14"  $2,590.00
11"/16"  $2,810.00
13"/18"  $3,102.00
15"/20"  $3,404.00
17"/22"  $3,865.00
19"/24"  $4,130.00

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