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Joli Care Suggestions

1. Who needs sleep?
While customers can sleep in their wig, it will reduce the lifespan of any wig. Not only is your customer wearing the wig double the time, but also they can't control how they move in their sleep. If a customer MUST wear their wig during sleeping hours it is best to have a second wig to alternate with to extend the lifespan of both. 
2. Rinse and repeat.
It's extremely important to ensure all products are rinsed clean from the hair and base. Also, when washing, never get oils or conditioners close to the base. They will naturally travel up the hair shaft on their own, so always keep products 1-2" away from the roots. 
3. Residue is a resi-don't.
The number one cause of hair loss in high quality human hair wigs is residue. hair goods, sweat, sebum, scalp, and many other products can leave residue in the unit. Over time residue breaks down the proteins of the hair and the hair breaks off. Checking for residue is usually done by checking for a strong scalp odor on the wig or flakes near the base. Learn how to get rid of residue in our 7C class. 
4. Human hair behaves like... hair.
It is easy for a client to forget that their wig is just like biological hair in a lot of respect. Or perhaps they simply haven't had hair for quite some time and need a refresher. It's important to brush out human hair wigs throughout the day. Human hair has natural drag, and just like people with bio hair need to, a human hair wig should be brushed out during the day. 
5. Block it!
Using a mannequin to wash a wig or top piece is called 'blocking'. When you do this you 'block' the hair from coming back through the cap. This also helps to prevent stretching, provided the mannequin head size is smaller than the customers wig. We offer a rubberized care mannequin and clamp you can sell to your customers for this purpose that matches our XS size and works for wigs XS and larger.
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