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Joli Cameleon Frequently Asked Questions
Do I Need to Shave my head to wear a Joli Caméléon™ wig?
What hair products can/should I use on my Joli Caméléon™ hair?
Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
How Important is it to own more than one wig?
What are the different types of wig cap construction?
What is the best way to store a wig?
How do you describe your products?
Do you have different kinds of hair?
Can all products be made in any type of hair as a Special Order?
What is the delivery time for standard orders?
What is the delivery time for special/custom orders?
Can you copy a hair color for me?
Can I send a wig to be copied for color?
Can you add a rooted effect to my color?
Do you offer custom size wigs and Toppe™ hairpieces?
Can I request the hair and/or base be sent for pre-approval on a custom order?
Do you offer repairs?
Can I color my Joli Caméléon™ hair?
How long do repairs take?
Do you have a warranty / guarantee on your wigs and Toppes?
What is a Joli-Toppe™?
Are online color swatches accurate?
What would you say was the average lifespan on the wigs?
Can I sleep in my wig/Toppe?
Is your hair cuticle intact?
Is the cuticle removed from the return end of your hair?
Can I perm my wig/top piece?
Can I wear my wig out of the box?
How can I make my wig look as natural as possible?
Can I curl/straighten/blow dry my wig/Toppe™?
My scalp is sensitive, can I wear a wig?
Can I swim in my wig/Toppe?
How should I go about choosing color?
Will my Joli Caméléon™ hair color fade?
If I have very little hair and, soon, maybe total hair loss, do you have a wig for me?
Can you recommend some helpful links?
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