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Joli Esprit European by Joli Cameleon Wigs
Joli Esprit European by Joli Cameleon Wigs

Joli Esprit European by Joli Cameleon Wigs

Joli Esprit European by Joli Cameleon Wigs
Esprit on left,  Liberte on right
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Joli Esprit™: lace top, European hair, lace front, lined, closed-wefted back, industry-best medical hair loss and general purpose wig.

Meaning beautiful spirit.

Ideal for...  Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia, Medical hair loss, Professional women, Fashion/Photography, Trichotillomania.
The Joli Esprit™ is a light, breathable, highly versatile hair creation for all reasons.  It features a lace top, lace front desing with a lined, close-wefted back that adapts to many different head shapes.  The Joli Esprit is excellent for a more volumous look, and the lace front edge makes off-the-face styles and updos easy.

Made with our European Fine Hair, with lightly polished cutical for extra manageability, the Joli Esprit has the right texture, natural sheen and movement for that true European look.

The Joli Esprit™ is an excellent daily wear option for most kinds of hair loss.  It can be attached with tape using the polyurethane tabs in the temples, front and nape- or with clips, combs, or our ingenious microfiber JoliGrip band.

European 2™ Fine Hair
Lined, close-wefted back
Lace Top
Lace Front
PU Tape Tabs
*Please call 866-324-0908 before ordering to check availability. 
07"/12"  $1,710.00
09"/14"  $2,030.00
11"/16"  $2,183.00
13"/18"  $2,524.00
15"/20"  $2,826.00
17"/22"  $3,345.00

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