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Joli Flexi-Toppe European by Joli Cameleon Hair Piece
Joli Flexi-Toppe European by Joli Cameleon Hair Piece

Joli Flexi-Toppe European by Joli Cameleon Hair Piece

Joli Flexi-Toppe European by Joli Cameleon Hair Piece
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Joli Flexi Toppe™: the only Superfine European hair, hidden knot, flexible volume French top, luxury hairpiece available.  And at a surprisingly affordable price.  It adds length, volume, contours naturally and blends in with your client’s own her beautifully.  New stock of large base 14” and 18” just arrived.

For length, fullness & a natural looking scalp.  

Ideal for...  Female pattern hair loss, PCOS / Thyroid / Medical Thinning, Hair extension wearers wwith traction alopecia, Anti-aging defense, Fashion/Photography for extra length & volume.
The Joli Flexi Toppe™ is the perfect fine European hair top piece for early to mid-stage thinning hair.  It features a scalp-effect flexible French top with long returns for volume styles, while still offering hidden knots. It is also an excellent choice to mitigate hair damage from wearing extensions, safely adding fullness to the top and crown, plus added length.

Made with our European Super Fine
™ hair, the Joli Flexi Toppe™ is the closest available texture to match fine hair and is the most desired hair requested by celebrities.  European hair is the rarest hair in the world and it offers unparalleled natural sheen and movement.  Fine European hair is best for imperceptibly blending in with the wearer's own thinning or fine hair.

The Joli Flexi Toppe
™ is an excellent daily wear option.  The thin, folded front edge is under-vented with hair to naturally blend-in with the wearer's front hairline.  With sewn in clips and a polyurethane edge for clipping or taping, not suggested for extended wear bonding as glue may stick between layers, causing damage.

*Please call 866-324-0908 before ordering to check availability. 
8" Small (4.5" x 5")  $1,141.00  

8" Medium (5" x 6")  $1,455.00 
8" Large (6" x 7.5")  $1,770.00  

14" Small (4.5" x 5")  $1,377.00
14" Medium (5" x 6")  $1,692.00
14" Large (6" x 7.5")  $2,006.00

18" Small (4.5" x 5")  $2,017.00

18" Medium (5" x 6")  $2,532.00
18" Large (6" x 7.5")  $3,218.00

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