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Metropolitan Hair Replacement’s goal is to offer the very best service and products to meet the ever-growing needs ofour clients. Therefore, we are committed to providing exceptionally made custom order solutions and  resources at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of pre-made stock options, however we can custom make virtually any type of solution you may design and offer invaluable support. Whether it’s based on our own  carefully designed pre-made styles or a unique solution you have created for that special client. We can modify any aspect of an existing stock unit or design to fit your specific needs. We are experts in the field of Hair  Replacement and can assist you from start to finish. We can guide you step by step with all aspects of your order, from completing your order form to attaching your creation. Our factories have decades of experience  manufacturing hair replacement solutions. Our understanding of how to create superior products and process the finest hair in the industry is without equal. We offer comprehensive support material, resources and will guide you in creating the perfect solutions for your business and clients. Our E-Z Order Guide will provide you with all the resources needed to effortlessly deliver the your custom creations. We require an order form for all custom made orders, please find a copy attached in our catalog for your convenience. For pricing, training and marketing information please contact our Custom Order Specialists today at 866-324-0908.
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