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We suggest you visit Cheryn International and view their incredible line of natural looking products to help restore a feeling of beauty and normalcy. We have listed a few of their products below.  To see more please visit 
Cheryn International (www.cheryn.com)
To order the MyLash Natural Looking False Eyelashes, Natural Brow False Eyebrows, the amazingly waterproof  IE Eyeliner, IE Eyebrow Pencil & IE Gel Eyeliner, as well as the IE Makeup Removers, please click on the pictures below to go to the products to be able to purchase them.

Secret    12 Natural Looking False Eyebrows
Truly Natural Looking False Eyelashes & Natural Looking False Eyebrows, especially designed for those with hair loss. 
Waterproof Eyeliner &
Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup
Waterproof IE Gel Eyeliner
IE Gel Eyeliner Brush
IE Makeup Remover 1oz &
IE Makeup Remover 6.5 oz

DermMatch Topical Shading Cream (to cover bald spots and areas)

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