We offer a large selection of human hair wigs and hairpieces in a variety of lengths, colors and styles.  Our human hair wigs come from all over the world with several choices to choose from, such as: European Human Hair, Human Hair, 50% Human Hair/ 50% Synthetic Hair Wigs, 25% Human Hair/ 75% Synthetic Hair Wigs, and Remy/Human Hair Wigs.   Listed here are Clary Wigs, Fortune Wigs, Georgie Wigs, Jon Renau Wigs, Judy Wigs, Mazali Wigs and Wig Pro Wigs , though we carry everyone so please call and ask us if you don't see your wig listed here.   (Please take note that ALL wigs can be custom made with EHH or HH.  All we need is a picture, color choice, and measurements of your head!  Please call 866-324-0908866-324-0908 if you have any questions or need assistance.)

Our KOSHER CERTIFIED WIGS/SHEITEL are manufactured with rabbinic supervision verifying that no hair from India has been used. 

Some authorities have questioned how Indian hair was being supplied through religious temples and whether the hair is considered an offering or a tithe.  The particulars of the halachic (legal) rulings on hair from India vary widely according to the understanding and opinions of the leaders in each community. Please consult with your rabbinic authority for individual guidance in all halachic matters.

Please view our 100% European Hair Wigs with Kosher Certification under the Bedatz Hecksher from the Bais Din of Rabbi Gross in Eretz Yisroel.

We also have wigs that we call B'Chezkas Kosher. These wigs are NOT certified. However, according to the manufacturers, they are made without hair from India. 

Please call us for at 866-324-0908 for a list.  (We will soon have every European Human Hair Sheitel/Wig categorized accordingly).
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