Jacquelyn EHH & HH Wigs
Our European Texture Human Hair wigs are fashioned from the finest human hair available and are most like your own hair in responding to complete styling changes, accepting perms, or even changing the color. The finest texture in wigs continues to be human hair. Due to materials and crafting, human hair wigs are the most expensive, and the best, wigs among your choices.

*Special Orders of discontinued wigs are only possible with synthetic wigs, not the human hair wigs.

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Our Master Crafters discuss your needs and your "wish list" for the hair you've always wanted.  The Skill in making each Custom Jacquelyn a masterpiece, unique to you alone, is a rare skill few wig makers can offer.  The amount of hair in the human scalp ranges between 120,000 and 140,000 hairs. Consider then the time required in handcrafting a Custom Jacquelyn.  Each hair is implanted in the base, strand by strand. Using the wig maker's needle with the finest eye, our Master Crafters add each hair to the custom base. Every hair is then hand tied to create the perfect wig or hairpiece that responds as naturally as your own hair.  This is crafting in the true European tradition of the world's finest wigs.  Think of your Master Wig Crafter as your personal tailor. Curl, wave, straight, or any styling combination is customized exactly as you want it.  We measure and make your wig or hairpiece to precisely fit your head...combining the length, texture, style, color, cut, and your personal needs to create your custom design.  From our unique skin-like base material to our special hand knotting method to the smallest detail of comfort-cushion clips, no detail is overlooked. 

Your hair color is your most important cosmetic to enhance your skin tone and compliment your eyes. Natural hair color is not a monotone. Rather it is the orchestration of Nature's Secret Formula...an interplay of varying tones with multi-faceted colors.  Your natural highlights are the lighter strands of hair that work in harmony with graduated depths of color to create a singular impression as brunette, blonde, black, red or gray.  You can define your Custom Jacquelyn by design features, materials, hair type, and price. We offer a complimentary consultation and work with you to create the wig or hairpiece within the financial parameters you have in mind.  We will provide you with the finest quality hair combined with superior handwriting.

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