Mono Top Collection
Jon Renau’s Mono Top Collection has the most innovative cap construction available on the market today. Our exclusive construction utilizes a double monofilament top which feels soft and silky inside the cap. Because this design replaces machine wefted strips with monofilament, it eliminates scratchy, irritating friction against the scalp. We strongly recommend this collection for those with fine, thin hair or those searching for the most realistic look available in alternative hair.

Virtually invisible monofilament base. Mono Tops give the appearance of actual hair growth straight out of the scalp. Each Mono Top piece features a 1/8-inch Swiss Lace front with over and under hand-tied hairs to simulate a natural hairline.

Supremely natural hair movement. Every hair in the monofilament top is individually hand-tied, one strand at a time. Each hair can move and swivel freely, just as hair moves when growing from a follicle. A Mono Top hairpiece will never appear stiff, bulky or artificial.

Unlimited styles, perfect fit. Mono Top wigs can be styled and parted in any direction, just like natural hair. The Mono Top design also reduces weight and hair density on the top of each piece. With their light weight, smooth fit, and the option to secure adhesive to polyurethane strips inside the front hairline and ear tabs, Mono Top wigs feel perfectly customized.

Allure Mono 5370 by Jon Renau
Amanda 5410 by Jon Renau
Bella 5442 by Jon Renau
Coco 5214 by Jon Renau
Fame 5002 by Jon Renau
Jazz Mono 5376 by Jon Renau
Josie 5213 by Jon Renau
Lola 5216 by Jon Renau
Pam Petite 5459 by Jon Renau
Patrice 5325 by Jon Renau
Posh by Jon Renau
Simplicity Mono 5131 by Jon Renau
Jon Renau Ladies Color Ring
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