La Vie Wigs

La Vie by Noriko Suzuki. Having devoted her whole life to the ready-to-wear hair industry, Ms. Noriko Suzuki works with an artist's passion and a scientist's precision-a rare combination, and her work embodies an epitome of artisanship.  Always standing at the crossroad of art and science, craftsmanship and innovation, she relentlessly pursues excellence; she never settles.

7 Days M1503 by La Vie
Be Simple M1506 by La Vie
Chic-A-Go V1306 by La Vie
Drive 2 Rodeo V1305 by La Vie
Fashionista M1505 by La Vie
Glam Fashionista V1702 by La Vie
Glam Runway Star F1701 by La Vie
In Vogue M1501 by La Vie
La Venice V1302 by La Vie
Love Angeles V1309 by La Vie
Madison Avenue V310 by La Vie
Miss Hollywood V1301 by La Vie
Must De La Vie V1307 by La Vie
Princess Del Rey V1304 by La Vie
Runway Star M1502 by La Vie
Sakura in DC V1303 by La Vie
Soho Square V1308 by La Vie
True Lady M1504 by La Vie
Very Malibu V1311 by La Vie
La Vie Color Ring
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