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Long Wigs Page 1 - A through L
A large selection of long wig styles from many manufacturers which include:
Aspen Wigs, Revlon Wigs, Rene of Paris Wigs, Wig Pro Wigs, TressAllure Wigs, and childrens wigs, too! 
(Only a portion of the many long length wigs on our site are listed here.)
Adriana 5963 by Jon RenauAdriana 5963 by Jon Renau
Affair Petite/Average by Ellen Wille WigsAffair Petite/Average by Ellen Wille Wigs
Alana by Envy WigsAlana by Envy Wigs
Alessandra 5982 by Jon RenauAlessandra 5982 by Jon Renau
Alexandra M. 501 Synthetic by Wig ProAlexandra M. 501 Synthetic by Wig Pro
Always by Raquel WelchAlways by Raquel Welch
Alyssa F1702 by Tressallure WigsAlyssa F1702 by Tressallure Wigs
Amanda 5410 by Jon RenauAmanda 5410 by Jon Renau
Amber 5160 by Jon RenauAmber 5160 by Jon Renau
Amber Large 5155 by Jon RenauAmber Large 5155 by Jon Renau
Anemone 504 by Wig Pro (Synthetic 3/4 Cap Wigs)Anemone 504 by Wig Pro (Synthetic 3/4 Cap Wigs)
Angelica 1625 by NorikoAngelica 1625 by Noriko
Angelica PM 1696 by NorikoAngelica PM 1696 by Noriko
Angelique 5153 (Large) by Jon RenauAngelique 5153 (Large) by Jon Renau
Angelique 5870 by Jon RenauAngelique 5870 by Jon Renau
Ashley 5877 by Jon RenauAshley 5877 by Jon Renau
Ashley 7028 by Louis FerreAshley 7028 by Louis Ferre
Ashley C-333 by AspenAshley C-333 by Aspen
Ashley Petite 5875 by Jon RenauAshley Petite 5875 by Jon Renau
Ashlyn by Tony of BeverlyAshlyn by Tony of Beverly
Ashlyn V1301 by Tressallure WigsAshlyn V1301 by Tressallure Wigs
Aspen by Estetica WigsAspen by Estetica Wigs
Avery 1677 by NorikoAvery 1677 by Noriko
Avery by Tony of BeverlyAvery by Tony of Beverly
Barbie US-800 by Dream USABarbie US-800 by Dream USA
Becky by EsteticaBecky by Estetica
Belinda by Envy WigsBelinda by Envy Wigs
Bennett 2373 by Rene of ParisBennett 2373 by Rene of Paris
Bennett by Tony of BeverlyBennett by Tony of Beverly
Bethenny 6517 by RevlonBethenny 6517 by Revlon
Beyonce LF  BA522 by Wig ProBeyonce LF BA522 by Wig Pro
Bianca 505 by Wig ProBianca 505 by Wig Pro
Bobbi by Envy WigsBobbi by Envy Wigs
Brandi 2503 by Amore Designer SeriesBrandi 2503 by Amore Designer Series
Brianna by Envy WigsBrianna by Envy Wigs
Bridgette 6361 by RevlonBridgette 6361 by Revlon
Brigitte 3022 by Louis FerreBrigitte 3022 by Louis Ferre
Britney 7025 by Louis FerreBritney 7025 by Louis Ferre
Britney IM-600 by ImaginationBritney IM-600 by Imagination
Britt by Tony of BeverlyBritt by Tony of Beverly
Brittany 2538 by Amore Designer SeriesBrittany 2538 by Amore Designer Series
California USD-388 by Dream USACalifornia USD-388 by Dream USA
Camilla 5401 by Jon RenauCamilla 5401 by Jon Renau
Camille F1701 by Tressallure WigsCamille F1701 by Tressallure Wigs
Carolina USL-750 by Dream USACarolina USL-750 by Dream USA
Carrie 1674 by NorikoCarrie 1674 by Noriko
Celebrity C-337 by AspenCelebrity C-337 by Aspen
Chanelle M1502 by Tressallure WigsChanelle M1502 by Tressallure Wigs
Chantel C-375 by AspenChantel C-375 by Aspen
Charleston Synthetic by GeorgieCharleston Synthetic by Georgie
Christina CHR-300 by Aspen RevolutionChristina CHR-300 by Aspen Revolution
Christine 7014 by Louis FerreChristine 7014 by Louis Ferre
Ciara 5994 by Jon RenauCiara 5994 by Jon Renau
Courtney 5381 by Jon RenauCourtney 5381 by Jon Renau
Curve Appeal by Raquel WelchCurve Appeal by Raquel Welch
Dakota Mono Synthetic by GeorgieDakota Mono Synthetic by Georgie
Dallas US-700 by Dream USADallas US-700 by Dream USA
Danielle BA521by Wig ProDanielle BA521by Wig Pro
Danielle by Envy WigsDanielle by Envy Wigs
Dawn 2037 by Louis FerreDawn 2037 by Louis Ferre
Destiny by Tony of BeverlyDestiny by Tony of Beverly
Diane BA531 by Wig ProDiane BA531 by Wig Pro
Down Time by Raquel WelchDown Time by Raquel Welch
Drew 5960 by Jon RenauDrew 5960 by Jon Renau
Eden by Estetica WigsEden by Estetica Wigs
Elle 5382 by Jon RenauElle 5382 by Jon Renau
Ellie 6601 by Simply Beautiful RevlonEllie 6601 by Simply Beautiful Revlon
Embrace by Raquel WelchEmbrace by Raquel Welch
Emily 5445 by Jon RenauEmily 5445 by Jon Renau
Estee 7002 by Louis FerreEstee 7002 by Louis Ferre
Evette by EsteticaEvette by Estetica
Fantasy by GaborFantasy by Gabor
Fashion Staple by GaborFashion Staple by Gabor
Felicity 2353 by Rene of ParisFelicity 2353 by Rene of Paris
Fiery 5143 HD by Jon RenauFiery 5143 HD by Jon Renau
Flame 5141 HD by Jon RenauFlame 5141 HD by Jon Renau
Fortune Petite/Average by Ellen Wille WigsFortune Petite/Average by Ellen Wille Wigs
Gabriella C-330 by AspenGabriella C-330 by Aspen
Georgia 1681 by NorikoGeorgia 1681 by Noriko
Gisele 5136 by Jon RenauGisele 5136 by Jon Renau
Glitterati by Raquel WelchGlitterati by Raquel Welch
Griffin by Tony of BeverlyGriffin by Tony of Beverly
Heather II  510A by Wig ProHeather II 510A by Wig Pro
Heidi 5139 by Jon RenauHeidi 5139 by Jon Renau
High Fashion by Raquel WelchHigh Fashion by Raquel Welch
Hunter by Tony of BeverlyHunter by Tony of Beverly
Iris N80 by Nalee CollectionIris N80 by Nalee Collection
Jade 2313 by Rene of ParisJade 2313 by Rene of Paris
Janelle PM 1692 by NorikoJanelle PM 1692 by Noriko
Janice 7018 by Louis FerreJanice 7018 by Louis Ferre
Jennifer 7001 by Louis FerreJennifer 7001 by Louis Ferre
Jennifer 7001 Petite by Louis FerreJennifer 7001 Petite by Louis Ferre
Jessica 5127 by Jon RenauJessica 5127 by Jon Renau
Jessica M. BA529 by Wig ProJessica M. BA529 by Wig Pro
Joelle by Tony of BeverlyJoelle by Tony of Beverly
Julia 5380 by Jon RenauJulia 5380 by Jon Renau
Karlie 5975 by Jon RenauKarlie 5975 by Jon Renau
Kate 942-SF by Look Of LoveKate 942-SF by Look Of Love
Katherine 5974 by Jon RenauKatherine 5974 by Jon Renau
Katrina 537 by Wig ProKatrina 537 by Wig Pro
Kelly 2554 by Amore Designer SeriesKelly 2554 by Amore Designer Series
Kenzie 1684 by NorikoKenzie 1684 by Noriko
KnockOut Petite Average by Raquel WelchKnockOut Petite Average by Raquel Welch
Lacey 6504 by RevlonLacey 6504 by Revlon
Laine 2317 by Rene of ParisLaine 2317 by Rene of Paris
Leyla by Envy WigsLeyla by Envy Wigs
Limelight by Raquel WelchLimelight by Raquel Welch
Lola 5216 by Jon RenauLola 5216 by Jon Renau
Longing For Long by Raquel WelchLonging For Long by Raquel Welch
Lori C-380 by AspenLori C-380 by Aspen
Love Love Love by Raquel WelchLove Love Love by Raquel Welch
Lucy 6362 by RevlonLucy 6362 by Revlon
Lynsey by Envy WigsLynsey by Envy Wigs
Provocateur by Raquel WelchProvocateur by Raquel Welch
The Art Of Chic by Raquel WelchThe Art Of Chic by Raquel Welch
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