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How To Measure Your Head

Instructions On How to Measure You Head For Wig Alterations

Wig caps are adjustable. By adjusting the elastic straps, you can make the cap tighter or looser.  But if you would like your wig to be made to fit your head, please follow these easy instructions and then call Customer Service at 916-804-1337 or 866-324-0908.
To measure the circumference of your head for a wig, take the tape measure and place it at the middle of your forehead at the hairline. Then run the tape around the head, behind one ear, around the nape of the neck, behind the other ear, then back to the front at the hairline.

Around Head Front to Nape Temple to Temple Ear to Ear Nape
Fees are on average $100 for reducing the wig's size, and usually double the price of the wig for larger heads (since they combine two wigs).  Please call us for more information if needing a larger wig made.
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