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Women &/or Children: Ultra/Petite & Average/Petite Wigs

Have a petite head but the wig doesn't come normally that small?  We offer a large selection of wigs designed to fit small head sizes.  Ultra/petite to average/petite wig's sized for children, teenagers, and adults. Some with a monofilament top that can be parted on the left, right or center. And if you need even a smaller size, for $60 (estimated) you can have most wigs made smaller to fit your measurements!  Additional shipping fees may apply.  Please call Customer Service to ask about any of these services.

We will need your measurements so please follow these easy instructions and email the measurements to our customer service.

Click here for measuring instructional page
Abby Ashley Petite Syntress by Gemtress 4 Women
Accent Petite by Wigs By Pierre
Acclaim by Gabor
Airie BA519 Petite-Average by Wig Pro
Airie M. BA530 Petite by Wig Pro
Alexandra 104 P. H-Mono by Wig Pro
Alexandra 104SL P. H-Mono by Wig Pro
Alexandra II Petite P-HT 104A (Hand Tied) by Wig Pro
Alexandria 18-24" by Aura Wig
Alexandria 18-24" Multi-Directional Skin Top by Aura Wig
Alia (Petite) 5145 by Jon Renau
Allure Petite 5357 by Jon Renau
Amore Petite by Estetica
April 7003P Petite by Louis Ferre
Ashley 5877 by Jon Renau
Ashley by Gemtress 4 Kids
Ashley Petite 5875 by Jon Renau
Aspire by Gabor
Avalon 20" by Savvy Wigs
Barcelona 16 - 22 inch Multi-Directional Skin-Top by Aura Wigs
Barcelona 16" -22" by Aura Wigs
Bay Petite US-185 by Dream USA
Beguile Petite Average by Raquel Welch
Bree Petite BA503 by Wig Pro
Bree Petite by Jon Renau
Bristol 16" Bob by Aura Wigs
Candice M. 566 Petite by Wig Pro
Carla Petite 7005P by Louis Ferre
Casablanca Butterscotch Small by Aura Wigs
Casablanca by Aura Wigs
Casablanca Layered by Aura Wigs
Char Petite BA501 by Wig Pro
Charlotte Curly Small by Savvy Wigs
Charm Petite 5303 by Jon Renau
Charm Petite by Estetica
Christina HT 117P by Wig Pro
Coby Petite by Estetica
Coco Petite 7011P by Louis Ferre
Columbia by Savvy Wigs
Columbia Curly - Custom by Caring & Comfort Custom Wigs
Copenhagen 14" Bob by Aura Wigs
Copenhagen 14" Multi-directional Skin-Top by Aura Wigs
Dee Petite CS-237 by Aspen Innovation
Demi Petite by Estetica
Diana Petite Human Hair by Wigs By Pierre
Dimple Petite by Wigs By Pierre
Distinction Petite by Gabor
Dream Petite US-110 by Dream USA
Dylan 5876 Petite by Jon Renau
EL1C by iWig
EL2C by iWig
EL3C by iWig
EL4C by iWig
Elyse 7008P Petite by Louis Ferre
Emily 5445 by Jon Renau
Excite by Raquel Welch
Fantasy by Gabor
Feather Lite Petite WBP 577 by Wigs By Pierre
Fina Petite by Tony of Beverly
Flirt by Gabor
Gabrielle H/T P.M. BA534 by Wig Pro
Gaiety Petite by Gabor
Geneva by Aura Wigs
Geneva HM 12" - 18" Handmade Cap by Aura Wigs
Genoa Bob by Aura Wigs
Genoa Bob Multi Skin Top by Aura Wigs
Gripper Kids Sport 14"/19" Layered by Follea Wigs
Hannah by Gemtress 4 Kids
Headband Fall 14" - 20" by Aura Wigs
Headband Fall 18" - 22" Blonde by Aura Wigs
Helene Petite by Estetica
Honey Hannah Petite Syntress by Gemtress 4 Women
Incentive by Gabor
Instinct Petite/Average by Gabor
Ivy Petite by Tony of Beverly
Jennifer 7001 Petite by Louis Ferre
Kate Petite by Estetica
Knock Out Petite Average by Raquel Welch
Lady Petite by Estetica
Lesley 1105 Petite by Louis Ferre
Leslie Petite by Estetica
Lily Petite 5358 by Jon Renau
Linda 7007 Petite by Louis Ferre
Logan 4205 by Amore Designer Series
London Bob Multi Skin Top by Aura Wigs
Lori P. 110 by Wig Pro
Lucy Petite CS-125 by Aspen Innovation
Madrid Bob by Aura Wigs
Madrid Curly 10" - 16" Multi Skin-Top by Aura Wigs
Madrid Layered by Aura Wigs
Marilyn Petite CS-105 by Aspen Innovation
Marrakesh by Aura Wigs
Meg 7021P Petite by Louis Ferre
Mia Petite by Jon Renau
Miley 4206 by Amore Designer Series
Mindy Miranda Petite by Gemtress 4 Women
Mink P. BA523 by Wig Pro
Miranda by Gemtress 4 Kids
Monsey Layered 12"-18" by Savvy Wigs
Nancy Petite by Estetica
Napoli Asymmetrical Bob Multi Skin-Top by Aura Wigs
Natalie H/T Petite 527 by Wig Pro
Natalie Petite 5149 by Jon Renau
Nikki 1121 Petite by Louis Ferre
Nita Petite 5146 by Jon Renau
Olivia Petite by Wigs By Pierre
Pam Petite 5459 by Jon Renau
Passion Petite by Wigs By Pierre
Pattie Petite IM-110 by Imagination
Paula Petite by Tony of Beverly
Perfection by Gabor
Perk Petite by Gabor
Pixie Perfect by Gabor
Polo Long Petite HH by Georgie
Polo Petite HH by Georgie
Power Petite Average by Raquel Welch
Preview Petite by Wigs By Pierre
Reba Petite MI-1100 by Imagination
Sally Petite by Estetica
Sheena 5150 Petite by Jon Renau
Shiloh 5878 by Jon Renau
Simone by Gemtress 4 Kids
Simone Petite by Gemtress 4 Women
Simplicity Petite 5312 by Jon Renau
Sunny H Mono 113 by Wig Pro
Sunny II Petite Hand Tied 115 by Wig Pro
Susie Petite by Estetica
Tango Petite Average by Raquel Welch
Tourmaline Petite by Gemtress 4 Women
Valerie Petite by Estetica
Windsor Hat Fall by Aura Wig
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