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Human Hair Wig Care Instructions
To ensure your new human hair wig will look its best for the longest possible time, please follow these simple care instructions.

COMB OUT TANGLES-  Before washing your wig, always use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles.  Start combing from the ends of the hair and slowly work your way to the top.  This will help to avoid breakage from tugging on the hair.

WIG BLOCKING & PINNING-  Using ball-head pins and your care mannequin, secure your wig with pins at the top, both templates and both sides of the nape.  Ensure that the wig is flush to the care mannequin so that it is properly 'blocked' from water pressure.

WETTING & SHAMPOOING-  First, completely wet your hair so that there are no dry parts.  Once the hair is wet, sork shampoo into the hair by stroking it down from the top to the tips.  Never use circular motions!  Your hands should always follow the natural direction of the hair when ou wash your wig.

Do NOT apply conditioner to the roots!  Putting conditioner to near the roots can cause the knots to loosen.  Keep conditioner a minimum of 1" away from the roots.
Rinse shampoo completely from the hair.  Work a generous amount of conditioner into the hair starting at the ends and working your way up.  Stroke your hands gently through the hair to distribute the conditiioner.  Rinse well.

Once hair is free of product, use a towel to pat and squeeze out the excess water.  Do not rub.  Then follow the three step guide below and air dry your wig overnight.

1.  Lay flat on towel
2.  Fold both sides over
3.  Gently twist towl

After you have towel dried the wig, put it back on your mannequin to air dry overnight.  It is preferable to let your wig air dray as heat styling tools are not healthy for human hair.

Because human hair wigs do not grow as natural hair does, we do not recommend styling your hair with hot tools.  Over time, heat will damage human hair even if used carefully.  However, if you choose to style with hot tools here are some guidelines:
*Use a heat protectant spray, but be prepared to wash your hair more often.  (Hair products attract dirt, sweat and pollutants which cause breakage.  If you use any kind of hair products you will need to wash your wig every 1-2 days to prevent that build up.  Keep products at least 1" away from the base of the wig.
*Blow dry on medium-high (80-100 degrees farenheit / 27-38 degrees celcius)
*Flat irons should be set no higher than 350 degrees farenheit / 177 degrees celcius
*Curling irons and wands should be set no higher than 300 degrees farenheit / 149 degrees celcius

*Care Mannequin
*Ball-head pins
*Sulphate & Paraben Free Shampoo and Conditioner
*Wide tooth comb

Please view Follea's and Joli Cameleon's Human Hair Care pages as well.  More information the better!!!  
And if you have any questions, please call 866-324-0908.  Always happy to help!
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