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Dimples Remy, European & Virgin European Human Hair Top Extensions & Wigs
The Wig Emporium is proud to exclusively introduce to the USA  DIMPLES!  
Beautiful Natural Hair Wigs and Top Pieces in three different qualities: Remy, European, and Virgin European Hair (Or also known as: Bronze, Silver, and Gold)

Since 1968
Established in England
Now available in the USA

On a rainy day in Manchester England, he met a young lady.  She had the cutest smile and the most adorable Dimples.   She told him about a wig boutique she worked in.  

The rest is history.

Dimples has been a family business since 1968.  Born in Manchester England with British integrity and quality standards, Dimples creates wigs and top pieces for women who are looking for the finest most "natural" hair solutions.   Dimples procures the best quality natural hair in three different levels:   Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Ready to wear Remy hair wigs and top pieces, pre colored with beautiful: blends, highlights, low lights, and rooted colors.   95% pre-cut.  Just needs some light styling.

European hair wigs and top pieces with full cuticles in tact, with more options for a personal touch.   Long layers for multiple cutting options, minor processing for more coloring options.  Gorgeous hair that gets softer with washing.

Virgin European hair wigs and top pieces.  The finest most buttery natural hair, never treated with chemicals or color.  Virgin hair that can be colored and cut with remarkable results.  *No color ring available, as each pony tail is slightly different in color.  Some wigs and top pieces have natural highlights.
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