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Grandeur 16"/21" by Daniel Alain Follea Wigs
Grandeur 16"/21" by Daniel Alain Follea Wigs

Grandeur 16"/21" by Daniel Alain Follea Wigs

Grandeur 16"/21" by Daniel Alain Follea Wigs
Color Shown: 3080 Duchess (Dark Brown)Color Shown: 3080 Duchess (Dark Brown)Color Shown: 11031 Royalty (Blonde)Color Shown: 11031 Royalty (Blonde)Please borrow our color ring to view these colors made especially for the Grandeur wig5050 Aristocrat, 10031 Majesty, & 11031 Royalty colors3051 Empress, & 3080 Duchess colors
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THE GRANDEUR COLLECTION  16"/21" layered length
Hand-selected, premium European hair comprised of the top 10% highest quality in the world with the cuticle intact.
Ideal for blending with the existing hairline or style in bangs!

Color Shown:  5030

Our exclusive European human hair wigs are from the finest hair available in the world. Our premium wigs are made for discerning individuals who aren’t interested in compromising when it comes to their look.  Discover technology blended seamlessly with artistry and join us in redefining luxury in an extraordinary 100% human hair wig.  

Exclusive hand-select European hair with the hair cuticle intact. It is comprised of the highest level hair quality found in the world.
The rarest of the rare, Grandeur is the "private reserve" for the most discriminating clientele. Created from the most precious premium European hair in the world, it is the gold standard for realistic wigs.   We bleach the knots for a natural looking hairline. Lace front from temple to temple.  Silk-like double lined base to prevent inversion.  Hand-tied top with the new natural skin part.  Move the part to suit your wishes, using a blow dryer to retrain the direction where you want it!
A softly woven laced front positioned front temple to temple, with slightly bleached knots on darker colored wigs for the most precise, natural-looking scalp.  Exposes a natural-skin part for a true-to-skin appearance.

The most rare commodity in hair, Hand Select is the finest and most precious reserve of Premium European hair in the world. Hand Select is sorted with the utmost care and attention by our most experienced and skilled artisans.  Bleached knots offer the most natural-looking appearance.

Cap Description:
Temple-to-temple lace-front for a true natural front hairline.
Revolutionary, silk-like, double-lined monofilament spandex disappears against the scalp and offers excellent ventilation.
Hand-tied top and new natural skin part for a true-to-skin scalp appearance with hidden knots.
Comb at front & nape

16"/21"     16” LAYERED · 21” OVERALL(41/53 CM)    $8,578  (DARK)   $9,434  (BLONDE)

Color options: 3051, 3080, 5050, 10031, 11031 

 (Previously called Cannes Luxury)
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