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How Do I Put On A Wig?
How Do I Put On A Wig?

How Do I Put On A Wig?

Take the wig out of the box and shake it gently to separate the fibers.
Identify the front and back of the wig. Remember, the label goes in back.
Brush your own hair back. Pin longer hair up so it is away from the front, sides, and nape of your head. A wig cap will keep hair in place.
Grasp the wig at the top back as shown:

Slip the wig over your head from hairline to neck. Adjust so that the front edge lines up with your front hairline.

The wig should feel secure, but not too tight. If necessary, adjust the elastic straps (pull towards the label to tighten, pull away from the label to loosen).
Tuck in any stray hairs, and you're done. Style as you would your own hair.
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