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Joli Cameleon FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
Do I Need to Shave my head to wear a Joli Caméléon™ wig?
Is my Joli Caméléon™ Wig or Toppe™ made from 100% Remy hair?
How does Joli Caméléon™ measure their lengths?
What hair products can/should I use on my Joli Caméléon™ hair?
Can I color my Joli Caméléon™ hair?
Will my Joli Caméléon™ hair color fade?
My scalp is sensitive, can I wear a wig?
Can I wear my wig out of the box?
If I have very little hair and, soon, maybe total hair loss, do you have a wig for me?
What is a Joli-Toppe™?
What are the different types of wig cap construction?
How should I go about choosing color?
Are online color swatches accurate?
How Important is it to own more than one wig?
How do you describe your products?
What is the best way to store a wig?
Do you have different kinds of hair?
Can all products be made in any type of hair as a Special Order?
What is the delivery time for standard orders?
What is the delivery time for special/custom orders?
Can you copy a hair color for me?
Can I send a wig to be copied for color?
Can you add a rooted effect to my color?
Do you offer custom size wigs and Toppe™ hairpieces?
Can I request the hair and/or base be sent for pre-approval on a custom order?
Do you offer repairs?
How long do repairs take?
Do you have a warranty / guarantee on your wigs and Toppes?
What would you say was the average lifespan on the wigs?
Can I sleep in my wig/Toppe?
Is your hair cuticle intact?
Is the cuticle removed from the return end of your hair?
Can I perm my wig/top piece?
How can I make my wig look as natural as possible?
Can I curl/straighten/blow dry my wig/Toppe™?
Can I swim in my wig/Toppe?
Can you recommend some helpful links?
Will my wig fall off or slide back during intense activities?
How long do these pieces last on average?
Can you wear your hair in a higher pony without it looking wiggy in the back?
Do you offer smaller sizes or sizing options?
Is the silicone comfortable enough for daily wear?
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