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Trulife & Grandeur Color Descriptions


Our gorgeous color palette compliments your Follea. Be consistent in your shades of natural color or transition to new lights and darks that manifest fresh beauty. Remember, if you do not find your ideal colors below, you can contact our Follea expert to customize your hair masterpiece to the color of your dreams.


5055 – Our butterscotch blonde with soft, light brown low-lights will draw all the right kind of attention your hair deserves.

6020 – A radiant blonde with light ash and low-lights is always elegant.

7020 – Turn heads with this light blonde with sweet, honey low-lights.

10030 – Think like a fashionista and move in confidence with this radiant blonde with butterscotch low-lights.


1000 – Explore the depths of this feminine, obsidian shade.  *(Available only with Special Order.  ETA 8-16 weeks.  Call 866-324-0908 for prices)

1010 – Our espresso color provides the energy and flexibility to move with your day.

2060 – Feel the warmth of this chocolate brown, every day.

3045 – Chestnut brown will support and reaffirm your inner beauty.

3050 – A chestnut brown with low-lights adds depth to this classic color.

3060 – Never look back with this light coffee shimmer.

5010 – For the woman who knows no limits, choose this light brown color with butterscotch hi-lights.

5030 – Why not have the best of both worlds and choose a mixed brown with butterscotch highlights?


15010 – Ignite your imagination with this plum shade.

15040 – A luscious and perfectly toasted cinnamon to suit every style.


The Grandeur color selection is for our most luxurious hair-creations.


5050 – Designed for the ultimate trendsetter, you’ll love this rooted butterscotch blonde.

10031 – Every strand is a work of art in this rooted radiant blonde with honey blonde low-lights.

11031 – Because you can’t be defined in one word alone, discover the rooted radiant blonde with dark blonde low-lights.


3051 – Unlock true beauty with this roasted chestnut brown.

3080 – Rooted light brown perfects the ultimate brunette shade.
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