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Aspen Imagination Wigs
The Imagination Collection consists of fiber that is heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It has the resemblance of human hair where the thickness of fiber is as real as your own hair. Many clients and wig shop owners have recommended this fiber because it has a look and feel of European Natural Hair. This line of wigs is lighter in weight to human hair. The fiber is more manageable than human hair and can be styled with your fingers.

Amie IM-105 by ImaginationAmie IM-105 by Imagination
Britney IM-600 by ImaginationBritney IM-600 by Imagination
Claire IM-155 by ImaginationClaire IM-155 by Imagination
Elle IM-255 by ImaginationElle IM-255 by Imagination
Gina IM-150 by ImaginationGina IM-150 by Imagination
Jackie MI-1800 by ImaginationJackie MI-1800 by Imagination
Kelly MI-1300 by ImaginationKelly MI-1300 by Imagination
Kimberly IM-500 by ImaginationKimberly IM-500 by Imagination
Linda MI-1700 by ImaginationLinda MI-1700 by Imagination
Lisa MI-1600 by ImaginationLisa MI-1600 by Imagination
Meg MI-1500 by ImaginationMeg MI-1500 by Imagination
Pearl IM-165 by ImaginationPearl IM-165 by Imagination
Pattie Petite IM-110 by ImaginationPattie Petite IM-110 by Imagination
Reba Petite MI-1100 by ImaginationReba Petite MI-1100 by Imagination
Sabrina MI-1900 by ImaginationSabrina MI-1900 by Imagination
Sharon MI-1400 by ImaginationSharon MI-1400 by Imagination
Imagination Color RingImagination Color Ring
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