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Eva Gabor Wigs
Eva Gabor Wigs are luxurious and lightweight, offering comfort and style for all occasions.  Gabor Wigs synthetic wigs have highlights and lowlights which provide an elegant natural look while offering fabulous comfort.  Gabor synthetic wigs look unbelievably real!  Enjoy wearing these wigs with confidence and freedom!
Acclaim Petite, Ave & Large by GaborAcclaim Petite, Ave & Large by Gabor
Acclaim Luxury by GaborAcclaim Luxury by Gabor
Adoration by GaborAdoration by Gabor
Affluence by GaborAffluence by Gabor
Aspire by GaborAspire by Gabor
Belle by GaborBelle by Gabor
Carte Blanche by GaborCarte Blanche by Gabor
Cheer by GaborCheer by Gabor
Commitment by GaborCommitment by Gabor
Conviction by GaborConviction by Gabor
Curl Appeal by GaborCurl Appeal by Gabor
Dream Do by GaborDream Do by Gabor
Epic by GaborEpic by Gabor
Everyday Elegant by GaborEveryday Elegant by Gabor
Flirt by GaborFlirt by Gabor
Folly by GaborFolly by Gabor
Fortune by GaborFortune by Gabor
Gaiety by GaborGaiety by Gabor
Gala by GaborGala by Gabor
Gratitude by Gabor BasicGratitude by Gabor Basic
High Impact by GaborHigh Impact by Gabor
High Society by GaborHigh Society by Gabor
Hope by GaborHope by Gabor
Incentive by GaborIncentive by Gabor
Innuendo by GaborInnuendo by Gabor
Instinct Ave/Large by GaborInstinct Ave/Large by Gabor
Instinct Petite/Average by GaborInstinct Petite/Average by Gabor
Integrity by GaborIntegrity by Gabor
Lasting Impression by GaborLasting Impression by Gabor
Love by Gabor BasicLove by Gabor Basic
Loyalty by Gabor BasicLoyalty by Gabor Basic
Modern Motif by GaborModern Motif by Gabor
Opulence by GaborOpulence by Gabor
Page Turner by GaborPage Turner by Gabor
Paradox by GaborParadox by Gabor
Perk by GaborPerk by Gabor
Perk Petite by GaborPerk Petite by Gabor
Pinnacle by GaborPinnacle by Gabor
Pixie Perfect by GaborPixie Perfect by Gabor
Precedence by GaborPrecedence by Gabor
Premium by GaborPremium by Gabor
Prodigy by GaborProdigy by Gabor
Radiant Beauty by GaborRadiant Beauty by Gabor
Renew by GaborRenew by Gabor
Resolve by GaborResolve by Gabor
Runway Waves Ave & Large by GaborRunway Waves Ave & Large by Gabor
Salon Sleek by GaborSalon Sleek by Gabor
Sensation by GaborSensation by Gabor
Sheer Elegance by GaborSheer Elegance by Gabor
Sheer Style by GaborSheer Style by Gabor
Simply Flawless Petite Average by GaborSimply Flawless Petite Average by Gabor
Smooth Halo by GaborSmooth Halo by Gabor
Socialite by GaborSocialite by Gabor
Soft Romance by GaborSoft Romance by Gabor
Soft & Subtle by GaborSoft & Subtle by Gabor
Stepping Out by GaborStepping Out by Gabor
Strength by Gabor BasicStrength by Gabor Basic
Stylista by GaborStylista by Gabor
Sweet Talk by GaborSweet Talk by Gabor
Top Choice by GaborTop Choice by Gabor
Top Perfect by GaborTop Perfect by Gabor
Top Tier By GaborTop Tier By Gabor
True Demure by GaborTrue Demure by Gabor
Upper Cut by GaborUpper Cut by Gabor
Upscale by GaborUpscale by Gabor
Vantage Point by GaborVantage Point by Gabor
Virtue by Gabor BasicVirtue by Gabor Basic
Visionary by GaborVisionary by Gabor
Zest by GaborZest by Gabor
Eva Gabor Color RingEva Gabor Color Ring
Eva Gabor G+ Color RingEva Gabor G+ Color Ring
Eva Gabor GL Lumious Color RingEva Gabor GL Lumious Color Ring
Au Naturel by GaborAu Naturel by Gabor
Contempo Cut by GaborContempo Cut by Gabor
On Edge by GaborOn Edge by Gabor
So Stylish by GaborSo Stylish by Gabor
Timeless Beauty by GaborTimeless Beauty by Gabor
Under Cover Halo by GaborUnder Cover Halo by Gabor
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