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Jon Renau Evolution Collection


Pure Luxury * Pure Comfort * Pure Design
Jon Renau's exclusive Evolution Collection was developed specifically for women with permanent hair loss. Created in collaboration with clients who have alopecia, this line represents years of research, investment and testing. Understanding the unique needs and preferences of women with complete hair loss is what makes the Evolution Collection so exceptional.

The Evolution cap is specifically designed for those with total hair loss. The cap itself contains silicone and polyurethane, which helps grip to the scalp so that the piece is secure. With this cap, it is vital that the fit is perfect. Because of this, we recommend that all Evolution units be made through our custom factory. A mold of your clients head would be needed so that we can provide the factory with the specific measurements.
 This wig also requires the Evolution Kit because the lace front needs to be trimmed to size. Please watch the Care and Customization for the Evolution Collection Video by clicking here.
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