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Follea European Human Hair Wigs & Topettes 2019 Stock
Please call for availability and discounted price 866-324-0908 before ordering.
Follea designs and creates Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™ using only the highest grades of hair and the gentlest processes attainable.  All Follea hair is expertly handled only by Follea artisans, according to our own proprietary know-how and technology.  Our trademark claim to “Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair” is certified by leading hair specialists worldwide, yet we believe the true test is yours. We invite you to experience the health of our hair for yourself: its look, feel, luster, lightness, style-ability & manageability.

We know you’ll find no better choice for natural, healthy, beautiful hair.  Nature’s Most Beautiful Hair™ is exclusively available on Follea’s wide range of lightweight, next generation wigs, Topette™ invisible hairpieces and Crown Extension systems.  Only from Follea: the most beautiful hair collections in the world.

*We greatly encourage you to "purchase" one of the Follea Starter Kits to try on the caps and view/touch the color rings before ordering.  

Follea’s quality starts at the source: and it’s more than just going to Russia and its former republics to get the hair—Follea reserves the highest grades any suppliers can find. Follea buys only single-bound ponytails, ensuring that the cuticle runs in the same direction throughout—they use no hair from the brush, no hair from the floor. After cutting, the hair is shipped directly to Follea, sorted and processed only by Follea’s professionals.  
Thus every strand you find in Follea’s finished work has been checked, sorted, and processed by perfectionists nonpareil—and every step of sorting, checking, lightening, and coloring is done according to our Follea’s unique formulas. While vat processing of hair has become an industry standard, we at Follea continue to hand process all grades of our hair ponytail by ponytail, ensuring that every single strand retains its unique individual essence, because everyone’s hair is different.  All Follea wigs have eartabs at each temple and the nape which bend inward in order to form to your head.

Human hair manufacturer's highly recommend to not sleep in your wigs.  This can cause inversion (where hair is coming through inside of cap) and often results in hair loss and/or breakage in the back.  As sleeping in the wig can cause matting, brushing can cause breakage, and hand-tied knots can untie, also causing damage/tears to the cap.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing your wig(s).
*Note: Blonde hair colors are also more fragile than dark, making the possibility of breakage greater.
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