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Please use online color charts as a guide only. On-screen color quality may vary depending on your monitor's resolution.  Actual colors may vary depending on monitors. We suggest you use Color Swatches to help you choose the perfect color.  When you've made your decision, simply return the color ring for store credit. The amount will be applied to your next purchase. 
Adolpho Color RingAdolpho Color Ring
Belle Tress Human Hair Color RingBelle Tress Human Hair Color Ring
Beverly Johnson Color RingBeverly Johnson Color Ring
Clary Color RingClary Color Ring
Dream USA Synthetic Color RingDream USA Synthetic Color Ring
Easihair HD Heat Defiant Synthetic Color RingEasihair HD Heat Defiant Synthetic Color Ring
Easihair OTCCR1 Color RingEasihair OTCCR1 Color Ring
Easilites HH CR5 Color RingEasilites HH CR5 Color Ring
EasiXtend, EasiVolume, EasiPart CREHH Human Hair Color RingEasiXtend, EasiVolume, EasiPart CREHH Human Hair Color Ring
Envy Color Ring w/o Rooted ColorsEnvy Color Ring w/o Rooted Colors
Envy Rooted Color RingEnvy Rooted Color Ring
Estetica Human Hair Color RingEstetica Human Hair Color Ring
Estetica Synthetic Color RingEstetica Synthetic Color Ring
Eva Gabor Color RingEva Gabor Color Ring
Eva Gabor G+ Color RingEva Gabor G+ Color Ring
Eva Gabor GL Lumious Color RingEva Gabor GL Lumious Color Ring
Forever Young Color RingForever Young Color Ring
Georgie Color RingGeorgie Color Ring
Giant Color RingGiant Color Ring
Hairdo Human Hair Color Ring HDWGCLRHairdo Human Hair Color Ring HDWGCLR
Hairdo Tru2Life Synthetic Color Ring HDTLRINGHairdo Tru2Life Synthetic Color Ring HDTLRING
Jon Renau HD CRHDW Color RingJon Renau HD CRHDW Color Ring
Jon Renau Illusions CRIL Color RingJon Renau Illusions CRIL Color Ring
Jon Renau Ladies CRL Synthetic Color RingJon Renau Ladies CRL Synthetic Color Ring
Jon Renau Ladies CRLHH Human Hair Color RingJon Renau Ladies CRLHH Human Hair Color Ring
Jon Renau Mens NCR1 Color RingJon Renau Mens NCR1 Color Ring
Louis Ferre Human Hair Color RingLouis Ferre Human Hair Color Ring
Louis Ferre Synthetic Color RingLouis Ferre Synthetic Color Ring
Nalee Human Hair Color RingNalee Human Hair Color Ring
Nalee Synthetic Color RingNalee Synthetic Color Ring
Noriko/Amore/Rene of Paris Color RingNoriko/Amore/Rene of Paris Color Ring
Put On Pieces Color RingPut On Pieces Color Ring
Put On Pieces HH Color RingPut On Pieces HH Color Ring
Raquel Welch Signature Human Hair Color RingRaquel Welch Signature Human Hair Color Ring
Raquel Welch Tru2Life Color RingRaquel Welch Tru2Life Color Ring
Raquel Welch Vibralite Color RingRaquel Welch Vibralite Color Ring
Rene Of Paris Airbrush Color RingRene Of Paris Airbrush Color Ring
Rene of Paris/Noriko/Amore Color RingRene of Paris/Noriko/Amore Color Ring
Shuly Color RingShuly Color Ring
Silhouette Mens Human Hair Color RingSilhouette Mens Human Hair Color Ring
Silhouette Mens Synthetic Color RingSilhouette Mens Synthetic Color Ring
Silhouette Womens Synthetic Color RingSilhouette Womens Synthetic Color Ring
TressAllure Color RingTressAllure Color Ring
West Bay Sepia Color RingWest Bay Sepia Color Ring
Wig Pro Mens Color RingWig Pro Mens Color Ring
Wig Pro OCH HH Color RingWig Pro OCH HH Color Ring
Wig Pro Synthetic Color RingWig Pro Synthetic Color Ring
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