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Aspen Innovation Wiglets & Wigs
Aspen Innovation Wigs are Ultra Lightweight, and have Multi-Directional Styling with Easy Breathe Honeycomb Wefting.  Super Soft Velvet Front with a wide variety of styles and colors, having something for everyone.  From Aspen human hair wigs to hairpieces, Aspen wigs give you a large varietey of styles to choose from while being very affordable, too.  The Aspen Innovation wigs are top of the line hair pieces.  The Aspen human hair wigs line have a very natural feel and look.
Angela CS-345 by Aspen InnovationAngela CS-345 by Aspen Innovation
Angie CN-150 by Aspen InnovationAngie CN-150 by Aspen Innovation
Dee Petite CS-237 by Aspen InnovationDee Petite CS-237 by Aspen Innovation
Demi CS-295 by Aspen InnovationDemi CS-295 by Aspen Innovation
Erin CN-154 by Aspen InnovationErin CN-154 by Aspen Innovation
Eve CN-220 by Aspen InnovationEve CN-220 by Aspen Innovation
Geni CS-405 by Aspen InnovationGeni CS-405 by Aspen Innovation
HH 3/4 Remy Wig CHP-007 by Aspen InnovationHH 3/4 Remy Wig CHP-007 by Aspen Innovation
Jenny CS-270 by Aspen InnovationJenny CS-270 by Aspen Innovation
Kate CN-151 by Aspen InnovationKate CN-151 by Aspen Innovation
Kathy CN-152 by Aspen InnovationKathy CN-152 by Aspen Innovation
Lucy Petite CS-125 by Aspen InnovationLucy Petite CS-125 by Aspen Innovation
Marie CS-276 by Aspen InnovationMarie CS-276 by Aspen Innovation
Marilyn Petite CS-105 by Aspen InnovationMarilyn Petite CS-105 by Aspen Innovation
Melanie CN-153 by Aspen InnovationMelanie CN-153 by Aspen Innovation
Sarah CS-285 by Aspen InnovationSarah CS-285 by Aspen Innovation
Sophie CS-109 by Aspen InnovationSophie CS-109 by Aspen Innovation
Vicky CN-205 by Aspen InnovationVicky CN-205 by Aspen Innovation
Aspen Synthetic Color RingAspen Synthetic Color Ring

"CA" styles Special features:
-Special fiber Kanekalon (KK7) contributes to the lightweight-
-All stretchable cap (one size fits all)-
-Thin wefting makes it ultra lightweight-
-Front and sides are hand-tied-
-Super soft velvet front makes it comfortable and also gives it a soft feel without irritation-
-Nape has honeycomb posting, giving it a luxury look, better breathability, and gives the extra stretch-
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