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O'Solite Wig Collection
Utilizing breakthrough wig making methods, the Jon Renau O’solite collection offers the lightest, most comfortable wigs on the market. Wigs in this exclusive Jon Renau line weigh up to 50% less than traditional wigs by the use of lighter materials and machine-back open cap construction (also referred to as “capless”).

Always naturally gorgeous.  O’solite wigs achieve amazingly natural lift and movement. They are as soft and manageable as real hair, with enough body and memory to retain their shape right out of the box, every time.  Cool, soft, secure fit. Open cap construction allows superior ventilation to keep your scalp cool. This design also reduces the cap weight of each wig, for a more secure fit.   Lightweight for ultimate comfort.  O'solite wigs, weighing as little as 1.65 ounces, eliminate the pressure and friction you might feel from a heavier traditional wig. O'solite wigs provide maximum comfort with minimum weight.

Angelique 5870 by Jon RenauAngelique 5870 by Jon Renau
Angelique 5153 (Large) by Jon RenauAngelique 5153 (Large) by Jon Renau
Blair 5123 by Jon RenauBlair 5123 by Jon Renau
Bree 5363 by Jon RenauBree 5363 by Jon Renau
Bree Petite 5148 by Jon RenauBree Petite 5148 by Jon Renau
Chelsea 5976 by Jon RenauChelsea 5976 by Jon Renau
Elite 5157 by Jon RenauElite 5157 by Jon Renau
Gaby 5348 by Jon RenauGaby 5348 by Jon Renau
Gwen 5120 by Jon RenauGwen 5120 by Jon Renau
Jazz 5361 by Jon RenauJazz 5361 by Jon Renau
Jazz Petite 5362 by Jon RenauJazz Petite 5362 by Jon Renau
Kris 5154 by Jon RenauKris 5154 by Jon Renau
Lily 5360 by Jon RenauLily 5360 by Jon Renau
Lily Petite 5358 by Jon RenauLily Petite 5358 by Jon Renau
Natalie 5374 by Jon RenauNatalie 5374 by Jon Renau
Natalie Petite 5149 by Jon RenauNatalie Petite 5149 by Jon Renau
Peaches 5364 by Jon RenauPeaches 5364 by Jon Renau
Sheena 5150 Petite by Jon RenauSheena 5150 Petite by Jon Renau
Sheena 5150 Petite by Jon RenauSheena 5150 Petite by Jon Renau
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