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Large Wigs
We offer a large selection of large cap wigs and hairpieces in a variety of lengths, colors and styles. Our large size wigs are made in generous dimensions to fit 22.5" - 24" cap size, depending on the manufacturer, so please call us for specifics. 

Have a head size larger than the "large" wig comes in?  For $60-$125 (depending on extent of procedure) you can have most any wig made larger by 1/2" - 1  1/2".  Please call Customer Service to ask about any of these services.We will need your measurements so please follow these easy instructions.

*To measure the circumference of your head for a wig, take the tape measure and place it at the middle of your forehead at the hairline.  Then run the tape around the head, behind one ear, around the nape of the neck, behind the other ear, then back to the front at the hairline.

102 Adelle II L- Hand Tied, Large by Wig Pro102 Adelle II L- Hand Tied, Large by Wig Pro
Acclaim Petite, Ave & Large by GaborAcclaim Petite, Ave & Large by Gabor
Allure Large Cap 5366 by Jon RenauAllure Large Cap 5366 by Jon Renau
Amber Large 5155 by Jon RenauAmber Large 5155 by Jon Renau
Angelique 5153 (Large) by Jon RenauAngelique 5153 (Large) by Jon Renau
Bianca 505 by Wig ProBianca 505 by Wig Pro
Cameron 5707 Large by Jon RenauCameron 5707 Large by Jon Renau
Commitment by GaborCommitment by Gabor
Emerson 1698 Unisex by NorikoEmerson 1698 Unisex by Noriko
Eva 564 by Wig ProEva 564 by Wig Pro
Instinct Ave/Large by GaborInstinct Ave/Large by Gabor
Jackie (Men's) 445 by Jon RenauJackie (Men's) 445 by Jon Renau
Runway Waves Ave & Large by GaborRunway Waves Ave & Large by Gabor
Salsa by Raquel WelchSalsa by Raquel Welch
Salsa Large by Raquel WelchSalsa Large by Raquel Welch
Scarlett 5986 Large by Jon RenauScarlett 5986 Large by Jon Renau
Shortie C. 532C by Wig ProShortie C. 532C by Wig Pro
Sky Large Cap 1699 Unisex by NorikoSky Large Cap 1699 Unisex by Noriko
Voltage by Raquel WelchVoltage by Raquel Welch
Wavy Cher 530 by Wig ProWavy Cher 530 by Wig Pro
Zara 5151 (Large) by Jon RenauZara 5151 (Large) by Jon Renau
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