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A large selection of mid-length wig styles from many manufacturers which include:
Aspen Wigs, Revlon Wigs, Rene of Paris Wigs, Wig Pro Wigs, Tony of Beverly, TressAllure Wigs, and childrens wigs, too! 
(Only a portion of the many medium length wigs on our site are listed here.)
Madison 7031 by Louis FerreMadison 7031 by Louis Ferre
Madison by Envy WigsMadison by Envy Wigs
Marie 569 by Wig ProMarie 569 by Wig Pro
May 1673 (Rooted) by NorikoMay 1673 (Rooted) by Noriko
Michigan II USD-288 II by Dream USAMichigan II USD-288 II by Dream USA
Mila 5399 Average by Jon RenauMila 5399 Average by Jon Renau
Mila 5404 Petite by Jon RenauMila 5404 Petite by Jon Renau
Ming Mono 80/20 HH by GeorgieMing Mono 80/20 HH by Georgie
Mink P. BA523 by Wig ProMink P. BA523 by Wig Pro
Miranda 5996 by Jon RenauMiranda 5996 by Jon Renau
Monika Lace by EsteticaMonika Lace by Estetica
Montana US-250 by Dream USAMontana US-250 by Dream USA
Nadia by Envy WigsNadia by Envy Wigs
Natalie by EsteticaNatalie by Estetica
New York US-747 by Dream USANew York US-747 by Dream USA
Ocean by Ellen Wille WigsOcean by Ellen Wille Wigs
Olivia M1505 by Tressallure WigsOlivia M1505 by Tressallure Wigs
On Edge by GaborOn Edge by Gabor
On Point by Raquel WelchOn Point by Raquel Welch
Paige H Mono 111 by Wig ProPaige H Mono 111 by Wig Pro
Paige Petite by Envy WigsPaige Petite by Envy Wigs
Picasso 50/50 by GeorgiePicasso 50/50 by Georgie
Play It Straight by Raquel WelchPlay It Straight by Raquel Welch
Poppy 524 by Wig Pro (Synthetic 3/4 Cap Wigs)Poppy 524 by Wig Pro (Synthetic 3/4 Cap Wigs)
Portia Petite 6500 by RevlonPortia Petite 6500 by Revlon
Premium by GaborPremium by Gabor
Pure Allure by Raquel WelchPure Allure by Raquel Welch
Rosie 5978 by Jon RenauRosie 5978 by Jon Renau
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