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How To Make A Template/Wig Mold For Custom Wigs
To make a template (mold) for custom made wigs

To make a template (mold) for custom made wigs

Applying Saran Wrap

Tieing Saran Wrap At Nape

Closing Saran Wrap Hole

Drawing In Gravity Line

Drawing In Hairline

Drawing In Hairline At Nape

Stabilizing Hairline With Masking Tape

Taping Across Head Beginning At Hairline

Continue To Nape

Taping From Front To Nape

Front To Nape Left Side Continuing

Re-enforcing Nape

Re-enforcing Front

Smoothing Tape

Inserting Finger In Nape

Inserting Scissors Against Finger- Cut Slit Up Back

Removing Mold From Head

Trim Excess Tape From Mold

Double Checking Mold for Fit

Closing Slit At Nape. Remove. Finished.

Also, here's a link to see a video of How To Make A Wig Mold
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