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Pro Hair "Ultra Safe" 4 oz Adhesive Remover by Pro Hair
Pro Hair "Ultra Safe" 4 oz Adhesive Remover by Pro Hair

Pro Hair "Ultra Safe" 4 oz Adhesive Remover by Pro Hair

Pro Hair "Ultra Safe" 4 oz Adhesive Remover by Pro Hair
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100% Hypoallergenic!!
Gentle on skin, contains no harsh solvents, no dyes, and doesn't have harmful fumes.  
With only three ingredients, Ultra Safe Adhesive Remover is an all natural alternative and safe product for you to use on your skin.  100% organic, conditions skin, & biodegradable.

To remove adhesive residue from the scalp, you need a product that you can trust, not only to do the job competently but also to care for your skin. That’s why Pro Hair Labs have developed Ultra-Safe cleanser, a completely natural and toxin free adhesive residue remover for the scalp that soothes and protects as it works.  Great for Pro Hair "Ghost Bond XL".

Available in 16 oz size, too.

Professional Hair Labs Ultra-Safe is a one of a kind formulation designed to protect and soothe the scalp while removing the bonding adhesive. Ultra-Safe is an all natural, bio-degradable adhesive remover for use on the scalp only. It is designed not to affect the PH balance of the scalp, unlike all citrus and alcohol removers on the market today. One of the most common problems causing clients not to get the bond they are looking for is due to triggering the scalps sebaceous while cleaning and prepping. This causes excess oils to penetrate your newly applied adhesive and not have a chance to fully cure. Use Ultra-Safe once and you are guaranteed to see the difference!

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