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Raquel Welch Hair Additions
Come check out the Raquel Welch Wigs Hair Additions collection of easy to attach hair additions … for that added bit of elegance in minutes!

Aperitif by Raquel WelchAperitif by Raquel Welch
Chameleon by Raquel WelchChameleon by Raquel Welch
Faux Fringe by Raquel WelchFaux Fringe by Raquel Welch
Lyric by Raquel WelchLyric by Raquel Welch
Sonata by Raquel WelchSonata by Raquel Welch
Special Effect by Raquel WelchSpecial Effect by Raquel Welch
Top Billing by Raquel WelchTop Billing by Raquel Welch
Whimsy by Raquel WelchWhimsy by Raquel Welch
Indulgence (top of head) by Raquel WelchIndulgence (top of head) by Raquel Welch
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