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Synthetic Smart Lace Wigs

Jon Renau is proud to introduce SmartLace™, simply the most innovative lace front wig collection available. Super-stylish and unbelievably natural, each SmartLace wig is hand-crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail that you have come to expect from the Jon Renau family. You will love the realistic shape, comfortable feel and unlimited styling options. SmartLace, the revolutionary technology you can’t live without!

Adriana 5963 by Jon RenauAdriana 5963 by Jon Renau
Alessandra 5982 by Jon RenauAlessandra 5982 by Jon Renau
Alia 5134 by Jon RenauAlia 5134 by Jon Renau
Alia (Petite) 5145 by Jon RenauAlia (Petite) 5145 by Jon Renau
Alison 5735 by Jon RenauAlison 5735 by Jon Renau
Amber 5160 by Jon RenauAmber 5160 by Jon Renau
Amber Large 5155 by Jon RenauAmber Large 5155 by Jon Renau
Annette 5138 by Jon RenauAnnette 5138 by Jon Renau
Ariana 5732 by Jon RenauAriana 5732 by Jon Renau
Cameron 5980 by Jon RenauCameron 5980 by Jon Renau
Cameron 5710 Petite by Jon RenauCameron 5710 Petite by Jon Renau
Cameron 5707 Large by Jon RenauCameron 5707 Large by Jon Renau
Clair 5733 by Jon RenauClair 5733 by Jon Renau
Courtney 5381 by Jon RenauCourtney 5381 by Jon Renau
Diane 5987 by Jon RenauDiane 5987 by Jon Renau
Elle 5382 by Jon RenauElle 5382 by Jon Renau
Emilia 5702 by Jon RenauEmilia 5702 by Jon Renau
Evan 5979 by Jon RenauEvan 5979 by Jon Renau
Felicity 5721 by Jon Renau/EasihairFelicity 5721 by Jon Renau/Easihair
Gabrielle 5729 by Jon RenauGabrielle 5729 by Jon Renau
Gabrielle 5728 Petite by Jon RenauGabrielle 5728 Petite by Jon Renau
Gigi 5720 by Jon Renau/EasihairGigi 5720 by Jon Renau/Easihair
Gisele 5136 by Jon RenauGisele 5136 by Jon Renau
Heidi 5139 by Jon RenauHeidi 5139 by Jon Renau
Hillary 5874 by Jon RenauHillary 5874 by Jon Renau
January 5400 by Jon RenauJanuary 5400 by Jon Renau
Julia 5380 by Jon RenauJulia 5380 by Jon Renau
Julianne 5968 by Jon RenauJulianne 5968 by Jon Renau
Julianne 5709 Petite by Jon RenauJulianne 5709 Petite by Jon Renau
Kaia 5730 by Jon RenauKaia 5730 by Jon Renau
Karlie 5975 by Jon RenauKarlie 5975 by Jon Renau
Katherine 5974 by Jon RenauKatherine 5974 by Jon Renau
Kendall 5727 by Jon RenauKendall 5727 by Jon Renau
Kristen 5385 by Jon RenauKristen 5385 by Jon Renau
Kristi 5706 by Jon RenauKristi 5706 by Jon Renau
Mariska 5711 by Jon RenauMariska 5711 by Jon Renau
Mariska Petite 5981 by Jon RenauMariska Petite 5981 by Jon Renau
Mena 5704 by Jon RenauMena 5704 by Jon Renau
Mila 5399 Average by Jon RenauMila 5399 Average by Jon Renau
Mila 5404 Petite by Jon RenauMila 5404 Petite by Jon Renau
Minka 5722 by Jon Renau/EasihairMinka 5722 by Jon Renau/Easihair
Parker 5734 by Jon RenauParker 5734 by Jon Renau
Rachel 5984 by Jon RenauRachel 5984 by Jon Renau
Rose 5731 by Jon RenauRose 5731 by Jon Renau
Rosie 5978 by Jon RenauRosie 5978 by Jon Renau
Ruby 5403 by Jon RenauRuby 5403 by Jon Renau
Sarah 5705 by Jon RenauSarah 5705 by Jon Renau
Scarlett 5971 by Jon RenauScarlett 5971 by Jon Renau
Scarlett 5985 Petite by Jon RenauScarlett 5985 Petite by Jon Renau
Scarlett 5986 Large by Jon RenauScarlett 5986 Large by Jon Renau
Victoria 5959 by Jon RenauVictoria 5959 by Jon Renau
Zara 5133 by Jon RenauZara 5133 by Jon Renau
Zara 5151 (Large) by Jon RenauZara 5151 (Large) by Jon Renau
Zara 5708 Petite by Jon RenauZara 5708 Petite by Jon Renau
About SmartLace™

Seamlessly contours without tape:
Our fine welded lace front will conform to the shape of your head allowing for maximum styling versatility and the most secure fit available. NO TAPE OR ADHESIVE NECESSARY!

Unparalled comfort and style:
Each individual hair is hand-tied to the lace creating the illusion that the hair is growing from your own hairline. In addition, the fine lace front is smooth and soft you’ll never have to worry about scratching or irritation.

 Never unravels or runs:
Because our lace is so fine you are able to trim (if necessary) to fit your own hairline without fear of the material unraveling, stretching, or losing its shape.
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