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Medium Wigs  G - L
A large selection of mid-length wig styles from many manufacturers which include:
Aspen Wigs, Revlon Wigs, Rene of Paris Wigs, Wig Pro Wigs, Tony of Beverly, TressAllure Wigs, and childrens wigs, too! 
(Only a portion of the many medium length wigs on our site are listed here.)
Gabriella C-330 by AspenGabriella C-330 by Aspen
Glee Mono Blend by GeorgieGlee Mono Blend by Georgie
Glee Mono Synthetic by GeorgieGlee Mono Synthetic by Georgie
Goddess by Raquel WelchGoddess by Raquel Welch
Guess 50/50 by GeorgieGuess 50/50 by Georgie
Gwen by Tony of BeverlyGwen by Tony of Beverly
Haley by Envy WigsHaley by Envy Wigs
Halo Bob 736 by Rene of Paris/Amore WigsHalo Bob 736 by Rene of Paris/Amore Wigs
Haute 5147 HD by Jon RenauHaute 5147 HD by Jon Renau
Heat 5140 HD by Jon RenauHeat 5140 HD by Jon Renau
High Society by GaborHigh Society by Gabor
Icone Petite/Average by Ellen Wille WigsIcone Petite/Average by Ellen Wille Wigs
Infatuation by Raquel WelchInfatuation by Raquel Welch
Infatuation Elite by Raquel WelchInfatuation Elite by Raquel Welch
Infinity Synthetic by GeorgieInfinity Synthetic by Georgie
Ivy NM-550 by Nalee CollectionIvy NM-550 by Nalee Collection
Jackson 1669 (Rooted) by NorikoJackson 1669 (Rooted) by Noriko
Jade by Envy WigsJade by Envy Wigs
Jamison Lace by EsteticaJamison Lace by Estetica
January 5400 by Jon RenauJanuary 5400 by Jon Renau
Jasmine by Envy WigsJasmine by Envy Wigs
Jen Ultra Petite by Tony of BeverlyJen Ultra Petite by Tony of Beverly
Jenny 7015 by Louis FerreJenny 7015 by Louis Ferre
Jessica 5127 by Jon RenauJessica 5127 by Jon Renau
Jessica by EsteticaJessica by Estetica
Julianne 5709 Petite by Jon RenauJulianne 5709 Petite by Jon Renau
Julianne 5968 by Jon RenauJulianne 5968 by Jon Renau
Kai 2383 (Rooted) by Rene of ParisKai 2383 (Rooted) by Rene of Paris
Kai 2383 by Rene of ParisKai 2383 by Rene of Paris
Kapri by Tony of BeverlyKapri by Tony of Beverly
Kendall 5727 by Jon RenauKendall 5727 by Jon Renau
Kenzie 1684 by NorikoKenzie 1684 by Noriko
Kimberly by Envy WigsKimberly by Envy Wigs
Kona Mono by GeorgieKona Mono by Georgie
Kourtney 2367 by Rene of ParisKourtney 2367 by Rene of Paris
Kristen 5385 by Jon RenauKristen 5385 by Jon Renau
Kristi 5706 by Jon RenauKristi 5706 by Jon Renau
Lasting Impression by GaborLasting Impression by Gabor
Liza 50/50 by GeorgieLiza 50/50 by Georgie
London by Tony of BeverlyLondon by Tony of Beverly
Loyalty by Gabor BasicLoyalty by Gabor Basic
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