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Short Wigs  I - L
Ignite 5142 HD by Jon RenauIgnite 5142 HD by Jon Renau
Incentive by GaborIncentive by Gabor
Instinct Ave/Large by GaborInstinct Ave/Large by Gabor
Instinct Petite/Average by GaborInstinct Petite/Average by Gabor
Integrity by GaborIntegrity by Gabor
Intimate by Raquel WelchIntimate by Raquel Welch
Isabelle M1501 by Tressallure WigsIsabelle M1501 by Tressallure Wigs
Ivory by Ellen Wille WigsIvory by Ellen Wille Wigs
Ivy NM-550 by Nalee CollectionIvy NM-550 by Nalee Collection
Jacqueline by Envy WigsJacqueline by Envy Wigs
Jamie by EsteticaJamie by Estetica
January 5400 by Jon RenauJanuary 5400 by Jon Renau
Jasmine N-70 by Nalee CollectionJasmine N-70 by Nalee Collection
Jazz 5361 by Jon RenauJazz 5361 by Jon Renau
Jazz Mono 5376 by Jon RenauJazz Mono 5376 by Jon Renau
Jeannie by Envy WigsJeannie by Envy Wigs
Jennette US-150 by Dream USAJennette US-150 by Dream USA
Jenny 7015 by Louis FerreJenny 7015 by Louis Ferre
Jenny CS-270 by Aspen InnovationJenny CS-270 by Aspen Innovation
Jessica CA-164 by AspenJessica CA-164 by Aspen
Jett by Estetica WigsJett by Estetica Wigs
Jewels 50/50 by GeorgieJewels 50/50 by Georgie
Jo Anne by Envy WigsJo Anne by Envy Wigs
Joey 2325 by Rene of ParisJoey 2325 by Rene of Paris
Jolene V1304 by Tressallure WigsJolene V1304 by Tressallure Wigs
Jolie 1662 (Rooted) by NorikoJolie 1662 (Rooted) by Noriko
Joni 7020 by Louis FerreJoni 7020 by Louis Ferre
Jordan by EsteticaJordan by Estetica
Joy by Ellen Wille WigsJoy by Ellen Wille Wigs
Judi 5969 by Jon RenauJudi 5969 by Jon Renau
Kai 2383 (Rooted) by Rene of ParisKai 2383 (Rooted) by Rene of Paris
Kai 2383 by Rene of ParisKai 2383 by Rene of Paris
Kaitlyn by Envy WigsKaitlyn by Envy Wigs
Kate 7023 by Louis FerreKate 7023 by Louis Ferre
Kate CN-151 by Aspen InnovationKate CN-151 by Aspen Innovation
Kate Petite by EsteticaKate Petite by Estetica
Kathy 1104 by Louis FerreKathy 1104 by Louis Ferre
Kathy CN-152 by Aspen InnovationKathy CN-152 by Aspen Innovation
Katie by EsteticaKatie by Estetica
Kaylee V1310 by Tressallure WigsKaylee V1310 by Tressallure Wigs
Kellie by Envy WigsKellie by Envy Wigs
Keri 50/50 by GeorgieKeri 50/50 by Georgie
Khloe F1703 by Tressallure WigsKhloe F1703 by Tressallure Wigs
Kimberly by Envy WigsKimberly by Envy Wigs
Kimberly H-Mono 108 by Wig ProKimberly H-Mono 108 by Wig Pro
Kitana by Envy WigsKitana by Envy Wigs
Kris 5154 by Jon RenauKris 5154 by Jon Renau
Kris by Envy WigsKris by Envy Wigs
Kristen 5385 by Jon RenauKristen 5385 by Jon Renau
Kristin C-315 by AspenKristin C-315 by Aspen
Kylie by Envy WigsKylie by Envy Wigs
Laurel NM-350 by Nalee CollectionLaurel NM-350 by Nalee Collection
Lavender N-65 by Nalee CollectionLavender N-65 by Nalee Collection
Layer It On by Raquel WelchLayer It On by Raquel Welch
Lesley 1105 Petite by Louis FerreLesley 1105 Petite by Louis Ferre
Lexy 1642 (Rooted) by NorikoLexy 1642 (Rooted) by Noriko
Lexy 1642 by NorikoLexy 1642 by Noriko
Lily 5360 by Jon RenauLily 5360 by Jon Renau
Lily N-30 by Nalee CollectionLily N-30 by Nalee Collection
Lily Petite 5358 by Jon RenauLily Petite 5358 by Jon Renau
Limit by Ellen Wille WigsLimit by Ellen Wille Wigs
Linda 7007  Petite by Louis FerreLinda 7007 Petite by Louis Ferre
Linda 7007 by Louis FerreLinda 7007 by Louis Ferre
Lite Petite C-103 by AspenLite Petite C-103 by Aspen
Liv 2369 (Rooted) by Rene of ParisLiv 2369 (Rooted) by Rene of Paris
Liv 2369 by Rene of ParisLiv 2369 by Rene of Paris
Liz CHR-40 by Aspen RevolutionLiz CHR-40 by Aspen Revolution
Lizzy 2347 (Rooted) by Rene of ParisLizzy 2347 (Rooted) by Rene of Paris
Lizzy 2347 by Rene of ParisLizzy 2347 by Rene of Paris
Logan 4205 by Amore Designer SeriesLogan 4205 by Amore Designer Series
Love by Gabor BasicLove by Gabor Basic
Loyalty by Gabor BasicLoyalty by Gabor Basic
Luna 50/50 by GeorgieLuna 50/50 by Georgie
Luna Synthetic by GeorgieLuna Synthetic by Georgie
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